City of Mitchell approves homes for planned Owner/Occupied Renovation Project

MITCHELL – The Mitchell City Council held their regular scheduled meeting Monday night to discuss the cost price analysis of the planned Owner/Occupied Rehabilitation Project.

Jenny Dearwester with SIDC

During the meeting, Jenny Dearwester with Southern Indiana Development Corporation (SIDC), discussed the homes that were awarded their bids to have renovations completed, and why some were initially denied their requests.

Due to the amount of grant funding available for the project, seven of the ten homeowners have been approved to receive renovations to their homes. Two of the other homes were denied due to the cost of their requests, and the other will attempt to receive another bid for their renovation requests.

Pre-arraigned items and renovations discussed with Dearwester will be taken care of including roofing, electrical repairs, and heating and cooling repairs.

There will be another bidding cycle for an additional rehabilitation project coming up in September, and the anticipation is to receive more bids in this second round of funding than the year prior.