IN 211 service activated for storm-damaged Hoosiers

INDIANA – Residents in the following counties can report damages through 211 or by clicking on the links below.

An unexpectedly slow-moving thunderstorm hit Daviess County on Sunday, July 24th, and dropped more than 6 inches of rain, along with lightning and high winds clocked at 60 miles per hour, according to Daviess County Emergency Management Director Scott Myers.

While the National Weather Service had predicted the storm, officials did not anticipate it parking over Daviess County.

With the heavy rain, one of the biggest problems resulting from the storm was flash flooding that left a number of motorists stranded.

There were more problems than just the flooding too. A barn south of Plainville on Division Line Road was damaged after being hit by lightning. There were a number of downed trees and limbs in the roadways.

Authorities report no injuries as a result of the storm.