BNL students prepare for the school year by painting their parking spaces

BEDFORD – Students from Bedford North Lawrence High School had the opportunity to decorate personal parking spaces over the weekend, in anticipation of the new school year.

Madelyn Langley (left) and Katelyn Moody painting their parking spaces

Parking tags were available in coordination with each class level Welcome Week day for $5 each, allowing students who can drive themselves to school the opportunity to continue one of BNL’s great traditions of painting their space.

The great part of personal spaces is the chance to use one’s own talents when it comes to the design of the space. Something that Juniors Madelyn Langley and Katelyn Moody were able to put on display.

“I am doing some of my own characters that I have drawn for my space. It works as a way to show off some of my work for others to see,” said Madelyn.

“My parking space will be Minecraft themed along the lines of Ranboo, a YouTuber who I like a lot. So I am going to base my parking space off of his character and Minecraft overall,” Katelyn said.

Kaylee Bolk and Brendan Tolliver painting Kaylee’s parking space

Personalization allows for a wide variety of ideas to include in their spaces, and though not all are images of personal artwork, BNL Junior Kaylee Bolk brought her imagination to life.

“I like it, I mean having unique parking spots and making it your own is what I like about it,” said Kaylee. “I think it is cool that we get to paint them, because not every school does this, or only the senior class gets to do it, so its cool.”

Final result of Kaylee’s parking spot

The students will have until Tuesday, August 2nd to finish their parking spaces before the beginning of the school year on Wednesday, August 3rd.