Any youths aged 8 or older interested in Taekwondo classes can contact Bedford Parks Department

BEDFORD – Several students and instructors with Tabula Rasa LLC recently competed in the 2022 Gamsarang World Taekwondo Championship held in Seoul, Korea.

Over 900 people from around the world participated in this virtual international tournament, which was designed to inspire Taekwondo students following the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent global effects.

Left to right: Emma Baumgart, Zachary Rosch, Amanda Brock, Kenneth Britt, Elizabeth Britt, Christina Rosch, and Nolan Korte

Many Taekwondo schools in this country and around the world, shut their doors due to the Covid restrictions imposed on businesses. The organizers’ goal was to raise money as well as consumables for the people of Ukraine due to the war. Over $20,000 was raised along with several sea containers of consumables, from the worldwide efforts of the Kukkiwon (WorldTaekwondo Headquarters) and the Taekwondo school participants.

This was a wonderful opportunity for Taekwondo students around the world to help others in need by using their
Taekwondo spirit.

Any youths aged 8 or older interested in classes need to apply directly to Jordan Webb at the Bedford Parks Department at 812-275-5692.