Bedford Board of Zoning Appeals approves variance for historic landmark sign for property at 1405 M Street

BEDFORD – The Bedford Board of Zoning Appeals met in a regular session Tuesday to discuss the request for a variance from Developmental Standards for the property at 1405 M Street, to allow for a historical sign in the tree plat for the public to see.

The home at 1405 M Street

The Italian-style mansion was built in 1872 by local Architect Thomas N. Stevens and was used as his primary residence until 1910 when it was owned by Joseph and Ottilia Scherschel.

This home was listed in an Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana 1876 as one of the finest residences in the state, among five other buildings. The only other remaining building of the six is the current location of Day & Carter Mortuary.

What the sign will look like upon arrival

In 1980 Mark Scherschel, grandson of Joseph and Ottilia purchased the home and owned the property for 42 years before selling the property. In a move with the sale, Scherschel donated the easement to Indiana Landmarks, who will continue to preserve the home and assist the owners in maintaining the historic building.

The home will be maintained and remain as it is. If any changes need to be made, the homeowners need to notify Indiana Landmarks and follow specific steps, including saving and preserving any item removed for future owners to reinstall as they wish.

The location of where the sign will be placed along M Street

The reason the variance request was needed was due to the city ordinance regarding the rules and regulations to prohibited signs. Included in the ordinance code 155.033 paragraph four, “…No sign shall be located in a tree plat nor shall any notice, poster, or other paper or device, calculated to attract the attention to the public…”

The current owners of the property are in agreement to include the sign on the property, as well as neighboring homes, and it will not cause a distraction to drivers.