Bedford City Historic Review Board approve certificate of appropriateness for business in the downtown square

BEDFORD – The Bedford City Historic Review Board met Monday afternoon, to discuss the approval of a request for a Certificate of Appropriateness from Seth Nikirk and Barry Ransom for the property at 911 15th Street on the Downtown Square.

The plan is to install an awning, new windows, and painting to the front of the building. The awning will be a similar style to that of the new Pub 15 restaurant, and the building will include black paint on the front with gold lettering for the name of the business.

Similar awning style to be used for the property at 911 15th Street

The second story will eventually be transitioned into an apartment, with the windows being darkened with a tint to allow for privacy. The board discussed businesses that had similar paint schemes and colors, that had been approved before, and approved the request.

The next steps for Nikirk and Ransom will be to turn in site plans and begin the process of renovating the building façade to their requirements.