Oolitic Town Council approved Hot Wheels Derby Race, coming in May 2023

OOLITIC – The Town of Oolitic is pleased to announce plans for the first annual Hot Wheels Derby Race event, with a tentative date set for Saturday, May 20th, 2023, from noon until 5 p.m. on Main Street in Oolitic.

L.J. meeting with Vice President Brenda Corey at Oolitic Town Hall, along with Grandpa Wes Grace. Photo courtesy of Stevie Grace

During the Town Council meeting on June 27th, Bentley Logyn James “L.J.” Grace, spoke with council members during the public comment section of the meeting to discuss additional activities for community members and kids in town. One of these options included a Hot Wheels Derby for kids to enjoy.

The event is in the early stages of implementation in anticipation for the planned May 20th event date, with a solid foundation and idea for the day.

Council members during their Tuesday afternoon special meeting. From left: Annette Norrick Clerk/Treasurer, Steve Kerr, Council President Tangie Jenkins, Council Vice President Brenda Corey, and Jon Broglin. Council member John Dillon joined via phone call

Plans to include a banner that reads “Welcome to Oolitic’s First Annual Hot Wheels Race: Bring Your Best Attitude, and Your Best Car,” which will hang across Main Street at Hoosier Avenue, greeting everyone as they arrive.

The derby will be held the weekend before the Indy 500 in 2023, and currently has the plans to include the derby races, a car show, and a Hot Wheels coloring contest. Hot Wheels cars will be available on site for those who do not have any to race, courtesy of the Town of Oolitic.

Oolitic Town Council Vice President Brenda Corey

“L.J. spoke during our meeting in June, and he and I met up to discuss what he would like to include during the day’s events,” said Oolitic Town Council Vice President Brenda Corey. “Everything from the banner, the cars available, and the coloring contest have all been from him. There will be the main track which his grandpa Wes will help with, and a ‘warm up’ track to keep the cars ‘hot’ as L.J. put it. We are excited to have an event like this, and we can’t wait to put it together.”

Prizes are set to be available, with the idea to provide medals, candy, and Hot Wheels cars, though these prizes are still being considered. There will be three age groups during the event, which include:

  • Age group one: four to six years old
  • Age group two: seven to nine years old
  • Age group three: 10 to 12 years old