Two were arrested after a traffic stop for failure to use a turn signal and speeding

BEDFORD – Two men were arrested Friday night after a Bedford Police officer observed a red Ford Explorer traveling south on State Road 37. 

Michael Robbins

The officer stopped the driver 29-year-old Michael Robbins for traveling 59 miles per hour in a 55-mile-per-hour zone and for failing to utilize a turn signal before making a lane change at the intersection of State Road 37 and 29th Street.

Jerome Saldivar

His passenger was 30-year-old Jerome Saldivar, of Bloomington.

While gathering the driver’s license and registration, Robbins asked to speak to the officer while other officers responded to the scene to assist.

The officer said Robbins appeared nervous. He was given a warning for the traffic violations. 

Robbins was then asked for consent to search the vehicle. He denied the officers permission to do that. Canine Dusty conducted an exterior search of the vehicle and alerted officers to possible drugs inside. 

 Officers then began conducting a search of the vehicle and found a pouch in the rear passenger side floorboard that contained a torch lighter, a glass smoking device, and a plastic baggie containing crystal meth residue.

 Both Robbins and Saldivar were detained.

At first, Robbins denied the items belonged to him but then admitted they were his. He told the officers both him and Saldivar had smoked meth using the pipe officers found.

Saldivar was arrested on an outstanding warrant and Robbins was arrested on charges of possession of meth and possession of drug paraphernalia.