Indiana DOR nears completion of Multi-Year Tax System Modernization

INDIANA –The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) is nearing the completion of its multi-year tax system modernization effort with today’s launch of the fourth and final rollout of Project NextDOR.

With the support of Governor Holcomb and the Indiana General Assembly, the transformation of DOR’s tax systems and service delivery began in 2017 and has been the agency’s focus for the last five years. The Indiana Tax System (ITS) was officially introduced in September 2019 along with DOR’s new e-services portal, the Indiana Taxpayer Information Management Engine (INTIME). Through a series of carefully planned rollouts, the new tax system and portal replaced the agency’s legacy tax systems that had been in production for more than 25 years.

Each annual rollout transitioned a group of designated taxes from the old systems to ITS and added customer functionality on INTIME. For the final rollout (Rollout 4), DOR added new and enhanced electronic filing and payment services for customers who file Fuel, Alcohol, Cigarette, Other Tobacco Products, and other special taxes:

INTIME Functionality chart demonstrating all the special taxes and what functionality they have in INTIME.

“Our entire team is excited to wrap up this critical phase of DOR’s modernization journey with this fourth rollout,” said DOR Commissioner Bob Grennes. “The addition of this final group of taxes to ITS and INTIME further enhances the service benefits for our customers and our DOR team. It also solidifies the successful execution of Project NextDOR which we are proud to say will be completed on time and on budget.”

Milestones reached through the completion of three of the four Project NextDOR rollouts include:

  • 9 million accounts converted to ITS
  • 2 million returns converted to ITS
  • 420,000 INTIME registrations
  • 6 million business returns filed through INTIME
  • 71,000 electronic Power of Attorney (ePOA) *new functionality
  • 27,000 address changes through INTIME *new functionality

INTIME is now available 24/7 for business, corporate, and individual customers to manage their Indiana taxes at For a complete list of INTIME tax types and functionality, visit and click on the “Access INTIME” button.

DOR offers customers several INTIME user guides with instructions and tips to support the transition to the new e-services portal:

These resources and more are accessible at Customers with additional INTIME questions can contact customer service representatives through the portal’s secure messaging feature, available after login.