Bloomington’s Community Farmers’ Market featuring local favorites in produce, and music this Saturday

BLOOMINGTON – With the weather still in prime planting season, the Bloomington Farmers Market continues to provide fresh produce and entertainment for the community.

Padgett’s Family Farm

Padgett’s Family Farm is a 23-acre  farm, raising plants and produce without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They practice multi-species rotational grazing with their hens, heritage hogs, and cattle. They produce 100% grass fed and finished beef, pastured pork, and free-ranging hens eggs. 

Jeff and Elizabeth Padgett

They have endeavored to produce safe, high quality and nutritious food raised ethically for their farm and their customers. Proprietors Jeff and Elizabeth Padgett (pictured) are seasoned pros now, but they had much to learn in their early attempts at growing vegetables to sell. Though Liz grew up on a dairy farm and Jeff always wanted to live in the country, neither ever figured on making a living from the land.

“We have been growing and selling since 1994. We are an unconventional farm, in that we rely on the natural abilities of the soil combined with the traditional farming practices of cover cropping, crop rotation, and periodic fallowing. We do not use chemicals as they are harmful to the soil and to us. We care for 75 hens and four cows. We graze them all rotationally and we feed them local whole grains. We do not use hormones or antibiotics.”

Sweet Corn and Tomatoes

Sweet corn has arrived at the Farmers’ Market. The lines have been forming and the produce has been selling out quickly at each of the past several Saturday Markets. The top three varieties continue to be yellow, white, and a yellow and white hybrid. Plan to arrive early!

Another crowd favorite is our Farmers’ Market tomatoes. A lot of factors contribute to a tomato’s flavor. Some things are out of a farmer’s control, like the weather. The color of a tomato can give you some indicators of what it might taste like. 

Saturday’s performance at the Farmers’ Market features local duo Derrick Weidner and Olivia Doyle!

Derrick Weidner and Olivia Doyle

The duo is local to Bloomington and began performing together in their seventh-grade show choir at Edgewood Junior High School. They continued performing throughout high school and officially started their duo in 2020 as sophomores, just before the COVID-19 pandemic. They will perform this Saturday at 9:45 a.m.

Mayor at the Market

Mayor at the Market is a community outreach program that invites Market-goers to interact with the mayor and various department heads from the City of Bloomington government. From the arts to potholes – any city-related topic you are interested in is up for discussion. Bloomington Engineering Director, Andrew Cebor, will be greeting the public from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at this Saturday’s Farmers’ Market.