Bedford community rallies around Becky’s Place resident

BEDFORD – A member of Becky’s Place staff found Miss Brenda sitting beside a busy road outside a Steak N’ Shake in September 2021.

Miss Brenda in her apartment kitchen

She was in her wheelchair with a couple of bags at her feet and an umbrella for shade. When asked if she needed help, Brenda indicated she was going to see her sister when the plans fell through, and she was stuck in Bedford. She had lost her photo ID and didn’t know what to do. Someone had put her up in a hotel, but she had run out of time and had nowhere to go.

When she arrived at Becky’s Place, Miss Brenda was hesitant to trust others but quickly became everyone’s bonus grandma. She took care of others, and everyone took care of her. Miss Brenda applied for income-based housing and was placed on a waiting list. She eventually found housing at a little apartment complex and was beyond excited.

When the community found out that Miss Brenda had housing, she received gifts of furniture, household items, a TV, and money. Miss Brenda was unable to move her new furniture on her own, so a volunteer fire department and Becky’s Place staff helped her move into her new home. She stays in touch with Becky’s Place and her former housemates often visit and assist her with transportation, groceries, and support. Brenda is the happiest that she has been in a long time.