Preliminary hearing to subdivide property into two parcels moves forward to public hearing

BEDFORD – A preliminary hearing for the property located at 22 Q Street in Bedford was brought before the Plan Commission Tuesday afternoon, in a request to subdivide the property into two parcels, to sell one property and keep the other.

The property with the lot configuration if separated

Lee Ann Plummer, represented by Corey Allen with BRCJ, is requesting her property be split, so she can sell the home on the south side of the property, as she is moving into a new home across the street.

She is requesting to separate the property, so the north end remains untouched. No homes or garages are to be built on the parcel once the home is sold, as she wants to keep the property protected. This plot will contain 8,000 square feet, which is well over the required limit, with the main property with the home left with 16,500 square feet.

Plummer is the current owner of the property, and can grant herself an easement to be able to access the property once the home is sold.

The commission approved the preliminary request, and moved it forward to the August meeting, for a public hearing.