New probationary trooper assigned to the Jasper Post

JASPER – On Thursday, June 16, 2022, eighteen Probationary Troopers graduated from the 82nd Indiana State Police Academy.  From this group of newly appointed troopers, the Jasper Post welcomes Probationary Trooper Leah Schnell to the ranks of District #34. 

Trooper Leah Schnell

Probationary Trooper Schnell is a native of Jasper and a graduate of Jasper High School in 2019.  After graduating High School Schnell attended Lincoln Trail College graduating with a certificate in medical assistant and then attended Vincennes University graduating with an associate’s degree in Law Enforcement.

Trooper Schnell and each of her classmates have completed nearly 1,200 hours of structured training in law enforcement techniques and hands-on, scenario-based training while at the Indiana State Police Recruit Academy. Their curriculum included criminal law, traffic law, emergency vehicle operations, psychology, vehicle crash investigation, self-defense, use of force, first responder, firearms training, and other general law enforcement-related training requirements.

With the academy behind them, these probationary troopers now begin their next phase of instruction, which is a three-month field training period where they will be working alongside and under the close supervision of a Field Training Officer. Once they have successfully completed the field training program, they will then be assigned a state police patrol vehicle and begin their solo patrol duties. Once Trooper Schnell begins patrolling on her own, her primary patrol area will be Crawford County.

Individuals seeking information on a career as an Indiana State Trooper should go to the website located at This website will provide a detailed synopsis of the application process, as well as career information about the Indiana State Police Department.