Upgrades for the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Oolitic discussed during Monday meeting

OOLITIC – The Oolitic Town Council discussed the acquisition of two autosamplers from Harrodsburg, IN and the plans to rebuild them to use for the town during their Monday night meeting.

Oolitic Town Council members from left: Clerk/Treasurer Annette Norrick, Council member Steve Kerr, Council President Tangie Jenkins, Council Vice President Brenda Corey, Council member John Dillon, Council member Jon Broglin

These autosamplers will collect samples at the Wastewater Treatment Plant without the need of anyone being physically on-site to determine the quality of the outflow at the plant.

“This is a huge benefit to the town, and looking into acquiring new ones, rather than rebuilding these we received for free will save a whole lot of money,” said Council Member Jon Broglin.

Oolitic Town Council member Jon Broglin

Estimates of a new autosampler run in the range of $18,000 per unit, and with the ones given to the town, it will only cost $9,432.30 to make them operational. This will help to facilitate options at the plant, while reading the outflow 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Additionally, an issue at the plant with the north clarifier that the council replaced in March of 2022, has been consistently running, without anything inside the pump. Broglin adjusted the flow to that pump to allow more to flow through, and allow the pump to cool off and work properly, as it has not been shutting off automatically as it is supposed to.

Broglin discussed with Toric Engineering in Danville, IN to come in and fix the wiring in the control panels, and update the software to allow the system to work properly. Previously, an unnamed former town employee erased the plans to the system from the computer at the plant, so Toric will have to come in and completely readjust the system to work properly.

For this, the town approved $3,615 to Toric Engineering to fix the problem. An additional $2,544 can be used at a future date if necessary to include a Bluetooth alarm to alert town employees about any issue that may happen in real time. The council voted to wait on the Bluetooth option until further notice.