Town of Oolitic approves purchase of new Town Marshal pursuit vehicle

OOLITIC – During a special meeting on Thursday, June 23rd, the Oolitic Town Council voted to approve the purchase of a new pursuit vehicle for the Town Marshal, as the current vehicle has been determined to be undependable.

Former Oolitic Town Marshal Jon Jeffries with the Crown Vic

Over the last year, the town has spent an excess of $6,000 to maintain the Crown Vic that the town has used for multiple years, and the council has determined that the purchase of a new vehicle will benefit the town and will stop forcing them to fix issues with the Crown Vic.

Council President Tangie Jenkins announced that they have looked at a 2022 AWD Dodge Durango SUV which is Police Pursuit Rated at a base cost is $43,238. The vehicle will need an upfit package, consisting of purchasing & installing emergency equipment for $19,742. This vehicle will be what is termed a slick top (no light bar) at a total cost of $62,980. This equipment price does not include the police band radio which is being provided by the Lawrence County Emergency Management Agency at no cost to the Town.

A similar model of the 2022 AWD Dodge Durango SUV the town is purchasing

The purchase will be a 48-month lease, and at the end of the term, the Town can purchase the vehicle for $1. The council chose to make bi-annual payments of $8,850 to pay off the lease of the vehicle. The vehicle will be delivered through John Jones Pursuit Vehicles in Salem, IN, and will include a three-year 36,000 Mile Bumper to Bumper Limited Warranty and a five-year 100,000 Limited Power Train Warranty.

Financing of the lease will be determined upon delivery after looking at several avenues and the finance companies available.

Anticipated delivery of the vehicle is late July or early August with approximately a week to completely outfit the unit.