Two women arrested after dispute over a phone

MITCHELL – Two women were arrested Wednesday when Mitchell Police officers were called to Persimmon Park Apartments after a report of a battery at 6:07 p.m.

Police were told the fight was between two women and they were currently separated. 

Monica Ely

When officers arrived they spoke to 50-year-old Monica Ely who said she had been in a physical fight with 40-year-old Julie Tow. 

Julie Tow

Ely told police that she and Tow were arguing over the phone.

Ely told police she was going to grab Tow’s belongings because she wanted to go to the police station and that is when Tow allegedly pushed Ely into a television. Ely got upset and pushed Tow back and they both fell to the ground and began pulling each other’s hair. 

Officers found Tow in an upstairs apartment.

Tow told police she had gotten into an argument with Ely and it had turned physical. She said she pushed Ely into the television and Ely had pushed her back and the two had pulled each other’s hair but Tow said it was in self-defense.

Neither woman suffered any visible injuries. 

Both women signed battery affidavits.

Both women were arrested on a charge of domestic battery.