Bedford City Council approves rezoning request for property on Washington Avenue

BEDFORD – The Bedford City Council approved the third and final passage of a property rezoning request at 1820 Washington Avenue from a B-1 Convenience Business property to an R-2 zone to allow the property to house a duplex home.

View of the current status of zoning around Washington Avenue and 19th Street

The property has sat unused, aside from the occasional yard sale, and vacant for nearly 20 years. Mike Wood is going through the process of purchasing the property to renovate the property with a duplex to be used as two rental units.

Aerial view of the property highlighted in blue

The purchase of the property is contingent on the approval of the rezoning claim from Wood, and if it was denied, the rezoning will not occur. Once the purchase of the property is finalized, the rezoning will then take place.

The council approved this request before moving on to other business.