Indiana Chamber scores legislators on 2022 voting records

INDIANA — The Indiana Chamber of Commerce has released its annual report scoring state legislators on how they voted on important business legislation in the recent General Assembly. The overall marks are significantly lower than last year – ranging from 41% to 88%.

Kevin Brinegar

“The Legislative Vote Analysis evaluates legislators’ voting records on important economic and business issues to help citizens and employers understand the actions taken by the state Legislature and how their own local lawmakers vote,” says Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar.

“For instance, the report indicates that the average scores for House Republicans were down this year. A key reason for this was the House pushing for onerous mandates on employers regarding COVID-19 vaccine requirements and paying for testing of unvaccinated employees. This was an important and concerning development.”

Bills included for examination in the Legislative Vote Analysis can be traced back to the Indiana Chamber’s economic development plan, Indiana Vision 2025 ( The plan contains 37 goals in the four-driver areas of Outstanding Talent, Attractive Business Climate, Superior Infrastructure, and Dynamic and Creative Culture.

Among the legislation included in the new report: enhancing early childhood education and childcare access and quality; improving the state’s business tax climate and talent attraction measures, and promoting the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for high school students.

“The 2022 legislative session was very difficult but overall successful for the business community, particularly in fending off the increased amount of anti-business legislation from both parties,” Brinegar adds. “Those legislators who provided real leadership and vision in support of free enterprise, economic growth, and supporting employers in tough times deserve appreciation.”

In total, the success or failure of 33 key pro-economy, pro-jobs policies – introduced in bills or amendments – was used to determine lawmakers’ scores, which are available on the Indiana Chamber’s website at

Lawmakers are notified of the Indiana Chamber’s position and reasoning on the bills in this report through various communications during the legislative session – and prior to key votes being taken. Floor votes for which there is a public record are used in the Legislative Vote Analysis.

The Legislative Vote Analysis is distributed electronically to all legislators and Indiana Chamber board members and made available online for all businesspersons, community leaders, and citizens. This is the 38th year the Indiana Chamber has measured state legislators’ voting performance on bills that reflect the organization’s public policy positions.