Prevent the spread of invasive plants

INDIANA – As the weather warms, many people take to the woods and trails to pursue turkeys, forage for wild edibles, or add new species to their bird lists.

While most of these activities are seemingly low in impact on the environment, they can be a major contributor to the spread of invasive plant species. Invasive species are those that are not native to the area in question and have caused or are likely to cause environmental, human health, or financial harm.

Bush honeysuckle dominates the understory of an Indiana forest

Mud on boots, plant material in the cuffs of pants, and burrs on your clothes or pet’s hair are ways that plants, including invasive species, move around. Prevent the spread of invasive species by removing plants, seeds, and mud from your boots, gear, pets, and vehicles before entering the recreation site. Repeat these steps before you hop in your vehicle to go home. Taking these small extra steps will help our wildlife and their native habitats thrive.

DNR is seeking sighting information for invasive species in Indiana. If you believe you have spotted an invasive species, report it and, if possible, get pictures to assist in expert identification.

Terrestrial Plant Rule

The Terrestrial Plant Rule (312 IAC 18-3-25) designates 44 species of plants as invasive pests. This rule makes it illegal to sell, gift, barter, exchange, distribute, transport, or introduce these plants in the State of Indiana. Learn what you need to know in the Terrestrial Plant Rule Brochure.

This rule went into effect April 18, 2019 .

Plant species already in trade will be prohibited from sale one year later (April 18, 2020).

Common NameScientific NameInformation
Amur cork treePhellodendron amurenseSpecies Information
Amur honeysuckleLonicera maackiSpecies Information
Asian bittersweetCelastrus orbiculatusSpecies Information
autumn oliveElaeagnus umbellataSpecies Information
Bell’s honeysuckleLonicera x bellaSpecies Information
black alderAlnus glutinosaSpecies Information
black swallow-wortVincetoxicum nigrumSpecies Information
blunt-leaved privetLigustrum obtusifoliumSpecies Information
Bohemian knotweedReynoutria x bohemicaSpecies Information
bull thistleCirsium vulgareSpecies Information
Chinese yamDioscorea polystachya (oppositifolia)Species Information
common buckthornRhamnus catharticaSpecies Information
common teaselDipsacus fullonumSpecies Information
common/giant reedPhragmites australis
subspp. Australis
Species Profile
crown vetchCoronilla varia (Syn: Securigera varia)Species Information
cut-leaved teaselDipsacus laciniatusSpecies Information
dame’s rocketHesperis matronalisSpecies Information
field bindweedConvolvulus arvensisSpecies Information
garlic mustardAlliaria petiolataSpecies Information
giant knotweedReynoutria sachalinensisSpecies Information
glossy buckthornFrangula alnusSpecies Information
Japanese barberryBerberis thunbergiiSpecies Information
Japanese chaff flowerAchyranthes japonicaSpecies Information
Japanese honeysuckleLonicera japonicaSpecies Information
Japanese hopsHumulus japonicusSpecies Information
Japanese knotweedReynoutria japonica
(Syn: Fallopia japonica or Polygonum cuspidatum)
Species Information
Japanese stiltgrassMicrostegium vimineumSpecies Information
leafy spurgeEuphorbia esulaSpecies Information
mile-a-minute vinePersicaria perfoliata (basionym Polygonum perfoliatum)Species Information
Morrow’s honeysuckleLonicera morrowiiSpecies Information
mugwortArtemisia vulgarisSpecies Information
musk thistleCarduus nutansSpecies Information
pale swallow-wortVincetoxicum rossicumSpecies Information
pepperweedLepidium latifoliumSpecies Information
poison hemlockConium maculatumSpecies Information
reed canarygrassPhalaris arundinaceaSpecies Profile
sericea lespedezaLespedeza cuneataSpecies Information
small carpetgrassArthraxon hispidusSpecies Information
spiny plumeless thistleCarduus acanthoidesSpecies Information
spotted knapweedCentaurea stoebeSpecies Information
Tatarian honeysuckleLonicera tataricaSpecies Information
tree-of-heavenAilanthus altissimaSpecies Information
white mulberryMorus albaSpecies Information
wintercreeperEuonymus fortuneiSpecies Information

Plants Restricted Under Other Rules

Common NameScientific NameInformation
kudzuPueraria montana312 IAC 18-3-16, Species Page
purple loosestrifeLythrum salicaria312 IAC 18-3-13, Species Page
multiflora roseRosa multiflora312 IAC 18-3-13

Indiana Noxious Weeds (IC 15-16-7-2)

Common NameScientific NameInformation
Canada thistleCirsium avense 
burcucumberSicyos angulatus 
Columbus grassSorghum almum 
johnsongrassSorghum halepense 
shattercaneSorghum bicolor 
common waterhempAmaranthus rudis 
tall waterhempAmaranthus tuberculatus 
marestail or horseweedConyza xanadensis 
Palmer AmaranthAmaranthus palmeri 
poison hemlockConium maculatum 
Powell amaranthAmaranthus powellii 
Rough pigweedAmaranthus retroflexus 
Smooth pigweedAmaranthus hybridus