A Day WITHOUT Child Care: National Day of Action

INDIANAPOLIS – On Monday May 9th, hundreds of child care educators, parents and community advocates from across the nation are holding A Day Without Child Care: National Day of Action.

As the urgency of the child care crisis grows, national allies representing more than a million members are joining in solidarity with over 40 actions to be led by child care providers in 30 states.

Some providers will be going on strike by shutting their doors for the day and others are calling out sick, shutting down their centers for a few hours, or taking other actions with support from the families they serve. Child care providers have been hit hard by COVID, coming off of decades of underinvestment and unappreciation for their essential role in the local economy. And nearly half a million families are looking for child care across the country and cannot find it.

Providers and parents from around the country leading actions will host a Pre-Event Kick-off on Thursday, May 5th. 

Register here for an opportunity to hear from organizers leading this national movement before the Day of Action.

Wendoly Marte, economic justice director for Community Change Action

“Our economy runs on child care. We are taking action on May 9th to urge elected officials at all levels of government to invest in equitable access to affordable child care, guaranteeing access for every family who needs it and a living wage for early childhood educators,” stated Wendoly Marte, economic justice director for Community Change Action.

Kelly Dawn Jones, a child care provider and organizer with Childcare Changemakers

“Child care has been overlooked for decades, I’ve been a provider since 2009 and it is a struggle to keep my doors open to support my family while providing quality care to children. I believe that childcare in the greatest country, should be the best in the world, and I’ve dedicated my life to this goal but we need support and investments” said Kelly Dawn Jones, a child care provider and organizer with Childcare Changemakers, a project of Community Change, taking part in a Day Without Child Care in Indianapolis.

A survey sponsored by Community Change Action shows that regardless of political leaning, voters agree we should raise wages for the early care and education workforce. 

Dorian Warren, Co-President of Community Change Action

“Child care educators are overwhelmingly Black and Brown women. They are the workforce behind the workforce who deserve a living wage and safe working conditions,” said Dorian Warren, Co-President of Community Change Action. As a new dad, I know firsthand the importance of having someone who will take care of your child as if they were their own. These providers give parents more than the ability to go to work and invaluable education and development for our little ones’ minds – they give us peace of mind.”

For more details on A Day Without Child Care events happening across the country, our demands, and a list of national partners representing thousands of parents, providers and allies, visit: http://daywithoutchildcare.org/.