Bedford Board of Works and Safety approve quotes for City Hall renovations

BEDFORD – The Bedford Board of Works and Safety met in a special session to approve and accept bids for renovations to Bedford City Hall at 1102 16th Street.

Bedford City Hall exterior

The first project received two sealed bids from Umphress Masonry Inc. of Bloomington and McIntyre Brothers, LLC of Bedford, to repair the brick and tuck painting of the building and replace the existing shutters. Umphress Masonry Inc’s bid was for $170,000 and McIntyre Brothers, LLC’s was for $87,435.

The board decided to put each bid under advisement to review and choose with approval during the next Board of Works meeting in May. In the meantime, Mayor Sam Craig was granted authority to make the final decision, pending the approval of the board in the May meeting, to get the work started.

Planning/Zoning Director Brandon Woodward

The next project for the leveling of the floors in City Hall received two unsealed bids from Stiles Construction LLC of Bedford and McIntyre Brothers. Stiles Construction’s quote was for $44,780 and McIntyre Brothers was for $37,240. These bids were not required to be sealed as they were less than $50,000.

At the advisement of Planning/Zoning Director Brandon Woodward, the council voted to approve the lowest bid to proceed with the project.

Bedford Mayor Sam Craig

Lastly, the installation of an interior entrance door for City Hall received three unsealed bids from McIntyre Brothers for $17,410, Stiles Construction for $13,210, and Umphress Masonry for $8,200. The board voted to approve the lowest bid for the project at $8,200.

Mayor Craig said the purpose of these renovations and upgrades is to preserve the bricks and the building but to also improve the appearance of City Hall. The flooring has become a health and safety issue as it has become uneven and causes balancing issues and drawers/chairs to move unhindered.