City of Bloomington Utilities receives Stormwater Award

BLOOMINGTON – City of Bloomington Utilities (CBU) has received the 2022 Education and Outreach Award from the Indiana Association for Floodplain and Stormwater Management (INAFSM). Established in 2015, this award recognizes an outstanding program promoting the advancement of education regarding stormwater management. CBU was recognized specifically for its Residential Stormwater Grants Program. 

CBU began the Residential Stormwater Grants (RSG) program in 2019 with $35,000 available during its first year. This amount has increased annually due to the overwhelming response from the community. People are noticing the effects of climate change – an increase of rainfall intensity and frequency interspersed with times of drought, leading to more drainage concerns such as loss of soil, shifting land, cracking foundations, water infiltration, and mold issues. 

“This program allows Bloomington residents to become active in mitigating the effects of climate change and working toward sustainability by protecting property and resources within our city,” said Mayor John Hamilton “This award shines a light on the good work of City of Bloomington Utilities and Bloomington residents.”

In order to help residential customers address stormwater drainage concerns on their single-family residential lots, RSG brings together various City departments and outside organizations. The program is funded through CBU’s stormwater fee because these projects benefit both the individual homeowner and the City’s entire stormwater system. 

“CBU is honored to be recognized for our innovative approach to solving residential stormwater problems while improving our City’s stormwater infrastructure,” said Vic Kelson, CBU Director. 

The Residential Stormwater Grants program is an innovative stormwater outreach effort that brings together many stakeholders to help homeowners with their drainage concerns while improving the City’s stormwater system. 

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