Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission discussed how to use remaining TIF funds

LAWRENCE COUNTY – The Lawrence County Commissioners met on Thursday morning to discuss how to use the remaining funds from the Marshall Township TIF.

Aerial shot of the Lawrence County 4-H Fairgrounds

Currently, the commission has $94,962.98 remaining from the $236,836.72 after spending the funds on six different projects, three for administration services, and three to directly impact Marshall Township.

After working with Baker Tilly to file their TIF Management report, which will be presented during the May regular meeting, the commission is looking to use the remaining balance to benefit the Lawrence County 4-H Fairgrounds.

Lawrence County 4-H Fair members with their cattle

Previous discussions brought up the idea of installation of broadband internet services at the fairgrounds, but this idea brought concern to the 4-H Board of Directors on operational costs moving forward once the county redevelopment commission is no longer involved.

The 4-H board discussed the option of approving the installation of HVAC Units for the show building, which currently has no air-conditioning services. This is an issue with the summer heat and the effects it has on the elderly in attendance as well as young children and those who are in the building throughout the events.

Previous Lawrence County 4-H Fair Market Hog Show

The idea would be to use $70,000 towards HVAC installation, with the remaining balance of $24,962.98 for additional renovations to asphalt repairs and resurfacing other areas of the parking lots for those attending the event.

The benefit of the HVAC installation would open the opportunity for other events to happen at the grounds throughout the year that currently cannot be met, as well as the cost of renting portable A/C units and fuel to run generators continuing to rise. This would bring in additional revenue for the 4-H Fairgrounds to maintain other areas in need of attention.

4-H member taking care of her cows

This item will need final approval before May 12, 2022, as the funds would be reissued to the general county funds. The commission will contact Baker Tilly on the steps they need to take, whether they have to encumber the funds, and have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in place. A special meeting may be called to ensure the fund’s scan is used properly before its expiration.

The commission also discussed the Shell Building‘s progress after Scott Smith attended the Mitchell City Council meeting on April 7th. There is traction on the project, and a group of Mitchell City Officials will join the commissioners at a shell building to consider what can be possible with one in Lawrence County and Mitchell.