Couple arrested on disorderly conduct charges after a dispute over jealously

MITCHELL – Two people were arrested after Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputies were called to a domestic dispute on Tuesday at 9:49 p.m. in the 1450 block of Earl Road. 

The caller reported that a Jeep Liberty pulled into his driveway and he saw people fighting and then the vehicle continued down the road.

The caller then reported a male in the vehicle was now on foot and walking down the roadway. The caller said there was someone with an AR-15.

Additional police officers then responded to the scene.

While en route the caller reported the vehicle was now traveling south on Earl Road, just past Stonington Road. 

When officers arrived they found the vehicle in the opposite lane in the 840 block of Earl Road . They conducted a felony traffic stop due to the possibility of a weapon in the vehicle.

Kelsey Robers

The officers ordered 34-year-old Kelsey Roberts, of Mitchell, and 24-year-old Caige Ridlen of Bedford out of the vehicle, and they were detained. 

Caige Ridlen

Police did not find a weapon.

A canine alerted officers to possible drugs in the vehicle. Roberts gave officers permission to search her vehicle. 

Police noted the inside of the vehicle was very dirty and there were empty beer bottles in the backseat. The vehicle smelled of raw marijuana but no drugs were found. 

Roberts told police she was injured from begging Ridlen not to leave. The officer said Roberts had a scrape on her left knee and a scratch mark on her chin. There was also blood on her forehead, nose, and cheek but there was no source of the blood for those marks. 

Roberts told the officer the two were fighting over jealousy issues. She told police she had spoken to a male at the liquor store and Ridlen was upset over it.  The argument continued as they drove to Craige’s mother’s house on Bono Road. The argument got heated and Caige got out of the car and started walking.

Roberts told police she followed Caige in the vehicle as he walked down Earl Road trying to convince him to get back in the vehicle.  She then parked the vehicle in a random driveway and was going to walk with Caige. She said she finally got Caige to agree to get back in the vehicle and they were on their way when they were stopped by the officers. 

Caige also told police there was no physical confrontation. Caige had injuries to his face and leg. 

The officers believed both subjects had injured each other during a domestic dispute. 

Both were arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct, taken to jail and their vehicle was impounded.