Bertha’s Mission continues to serve the community with Easter Dinners Saturday afternoon

LAWRENCE COUNTY – The annual Easter Dinner by Bertha’s Mission, continued its tradition of helping those in need on Saturday, by helping the community come together in love with a free meal.

Volunteers at Bedford First Baptist Church

The drive-through format offered community members the opportunity to pick up meals while maintaining a safe distance with COVID-19 still affecting the world.

Heather Flynn

Heather Flynn with Bedford First Baptist said being a part of the dinners with Bertha’s Mission allows them to focus on what individuals need and offer them, fellowship, in other ways.

“We have hosted it every year since Bertha’s Mission started these dinners. We have this down to a science now, and with the drive-through format, we can serve more people at a faster rate,” Flynn said. “The one thing we do miss is the camaraderie with the community, we’ve had over 500 people here in the past and we are looking forward to having our building full of people once again.

Volunteers at Mitchell First Church of God posing for the picture

Pastor Bob Courson with Mitchell First Church of God feels these dinners help more than just those who need the meals, but also those who are willing to volunteer and serve together.

“We live in a very needy environment with our elderly community and those who are disadvantaged, so we try to meet their needs,” said Courson. “Lawrence County is a very generous community, some of the volunteers in this area have at one point had someone else helping them when they needed it, so they now feel the need to give back and help those who need it now. It offers an opportunity for the community to reconnect with each other, and that’s what this is all about.”

Food at Sherwood Oaks Christian Church awaiting pickup

Rob Muncy with Sherwood Oaks Christian Church believes the fellowship with the community can remain strong by serving one another.

“Betha’s Mission has always done a great job with serving the community, and this gives us a chance as well to help those who are truly needing it,” said Muncy. “This allows us to see where people are coming from and allows us to serve them the best way that we can and bring everyone together in love.”