Proposed Avoca Park five-year plan reveals over $1 million in assessment needs

AVOCA – Members of the community were able to see a proposed five-year plan for the Avoca-Marshall Township Recreation Park from Layne Elliott, Project Manager of Eppley Institute For Parks and Public Lands at Indiana University.

Layne Elliott, Project Manager of Eppley Institute For Parks and Public Lands

It was revealed during the presentation that just over $1 million worth of repairs and needs were identified in the initial assessment of the park.

A reminder that this was a proposal and the plan has not yet been finalized. This will work as a road map for the park board and the township on what the areas of focus can be to improve the park.

There is plenty of time for the public to provide their input on the proposed plan before it is finalized. In order to receive grant funding from the State of Indiana for the park, a master plan must be put in place.

Waterfall and stream at Avoca Park

An initial tax levy has been put in place, which will bring in only $9,100 for the park. Creating the master plan and receiving the necessary grant funding is a top priority to improve the park, for generations to come. Without the tax levy, other funds would have to be used which included fire protection and cemetery care among other areas of need.

The park board was able to receive the Regional Opportunities Initiative Grant funding which will go towards the renovation and needs of the Hamer House. This includes window repair and painting the exterior of the Hamer House, with other areas of need also being renovated.

The Avoca-Marshall Township Recreation Park also received $40,000 in funds from the Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission and must be dispensed by 2025.

Hamer House at Avoca Park

The park board will continue to look for ways to generate revenue by seeking donations and applying for grants to address the areas of need.