Young Hoosiers invited to explore conservative solutions to energy and climate challenges

INDIANAPOLIS – Local college students and young professionals are invited to join Citizens for Responsible Energy SolutionsThe Conservation Coalition, the Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy, and for a panel discussion on conservative, pragmatic solutions to energy and climate challenges on Tuesday, April 12, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. at The District Tap Northside in Indianapolis.

Kacey Crane, Executive Director, Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy

Kacey Crane, Executive Director, Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy, Chrissy Harbin, VP of External Affairs, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, Bob Inglis, Former Congressman, Executive Director,, and Brian Martinez, Midwest Program Director, The Conservation Coalition will be present at the event for students to ask questions.

In 2020, Pew Research reported that 79% of Millennial and Gen Z Republicans want the country to prioritize developing alternative energy, compared to 55% of Boomers. Younger generations also want to see more solar and wind farms (88% and 80% respectively).

Here in Indiana, a poll conducted by the Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy in late 2021 showed that 65% of Republican women under 40 are more likely to vote for a candidate who favors increasing renewable energy. This upcoming panel event will explore how young people can engage with clean energy and climate policies from a conservative ideology.

About Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) Forum: CRES Forum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that educates the public and influences the national conversation around clean energy solutions that are actionable, market-friendly, and responsible. Founded in 2017, the organization provides expert information to key decision-makers so they are empowered to act.

About The Conservation Coalition: The Conservation Coalition (TCC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to mobilizing young people around environmental action through common-sense, market-based, and limited-government ideals. Founded in 2017, TCC seeks to activate young people that are tired of partisan inaction on the grassroots, state, and federal levels — bringing forth prosperous action on environmental issues that impact us all.

About the Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy: The Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy is a broad coalition of Indiana conservatives committed to helping Indiana become a leader in clean energy by supporting an “all of the above” strategy that includes an emphasis on clean energy technologies like efficiency and renewables, such as wind and solar. Learn more by visiting

About is a 501(c)(3) educational initiative based at George Mason University. Led by our executive director and former Congressman Bob Inglis, conducts educational programming on the power of free-enterprise solutions to climate change. Our growing community of over 10,000 “republicEns” is dedicated to building an #ecoRight movement to apply conservative principles to climate action.