Two men were arrested after breaking into a home

BEDFORD – A Bedford man was arrested after Bedford Police officers responded to a burglary in progress at 1605 6th Street. 

When officers arrived on the scene one went to the back of the residence and noticed the back door had been kicked in. 

Michael Simmons

Two men were coming out of the kitchen and were told to come out of the house. Those men were 31-year-old Michael Simmons and 21-year-old Reese Ayers. 

Reese Ayers

Once outside the home, both men were detained. A pocket knife was found in Ayers’ pocket.

A female arrived on the scene and said she had power of attorney for the homeowner who was currently incarcerated.

According to the female, no one was to be in the home. 

The female stated she had been at the home on March 30th and stated she put up a camera in the dining room area because the back door had been kicked in.

The two males were captured on camera inside the home.

Ayers told police he was just “tagging along” with Simmons who went to the home to check on it. 

Police found Ayers’ backpack in the back room near the kicked-in door. When officers attempted to enter the front door of the home it was barricaded with furniture.

Police found the homeowner’s social security card and debit card in Simmon’s pocket. Simmons told police he was returning those items to the homeowner. 

Police noticed several things that had been gone through inside the house and there was extensive damage to the rear door.

Inside Ayers’ backpack police found prescription medication, meth, and used syringes. 

Both men were arrested on charges of burglary, residential entry, and criminal mischief. Avery was also charged with possession of meth, unlawful possession of a syringe, and possession of drug paraphernalia.