Owe State Taxes? Here Are Your Payment Options

INDIANA – You’ve completed your Indiana individual income tax return and it looks like you’re going to owe additional taxes. What do you do now? Here are a few options for making payments to DOR:

OPTION 1: Pay the full amount due online via INTIME prior to tax deadline

The best option is to pay the entire amount due via INTIME, DOR’s new e-services portal at intime.dor.in.gov, prior to April 18, 2022, tax deadline. You can do this securely without signing in or signing up for access to your INTIME account by selecting the “Make a Payment” link on the homepage.

A screenshot of INTIME home page pointing at the payment tile

Next, go to the “Non-bill payments” panel to pay taxes owed on a return and select the preferred payment method. INTIME accepts electronic bank payments (ACH/e-check) and Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card payments. More information on making non-logged-in bill payments is available in this Tax Tax blog .

NOTE: There is no fee for electronic bank payments, although credit and debit cards have applicable fees.

TIP: When prompted to enter the payment type, select “Return Payment,” and for the current (2022) tax season, select the Dec. 31, 2021, option.

OPTION 2: Set up a payment plan via INTIME

DOR offers payment plan options for individual income tax customers who owe more than $100. Once a tax return has been processed with a balance due (verify this via your INTIME account), you can set up a payment plan by signing up or logging in to INTIME. You don’t have to wait for DOR to send you a bill and you can do this prior to the tax deadline. In fact, if you can make payments prior to the April 18 due date, you can help reduce any penalties and interest on the balance due.

If you haven’t signed up for INTIME yet, here’s a look at how to do that.

Once logged in to INTIME, go to the “All Actions” tab, locate the “Payment plan” panel, and follow the prompts. INTIME has an additional feature to help you set up recurring bank payments (ACH/e-check) with your payment plan. More information on how to set up a payment plan via INTIME is available in this Tax Talk blog.

A screenshot of INTIME account with payment plan circled

OPTION 3: Pay electronically via tax software or tax service

You may have the option to pay your state taxes electronically when you file your return through tax software or an online tax preparation service. Some tax professionals may offer payment services, but it is still your responsibility to ensure the correct payment amount due arrives on time.

OPTION 4: Mail in your payment

If including payment of taxes owed when mailing your Indiana income tax return, print your SSN and tax year on the check or money order. Mail your return and payment to:

Indiana Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 7224
Indianapolis, IN 46207-7224

OPTION 5: Pay in person at DOR District office

You can pay in person at one of our district offices where cash (exact change only), personal or cashier’s checks (made payable to Indiana Dept. of Revenue), money orders, and debit/credit cards are accepted. Visit DOR’s district offices webpage for a complete list of locations.