An Individual Development Account assists Hoosiers with savings toward a major asset purchase

INDIANA – An Individual Development Account, or IDA, assists Hoosiers with savings towards a major asset purchase. Qualified participants set savings goals and make regular savings deposits over the course of a three-year program. Once completed, the savings are used to make a major asset purchase.

How does it work?

For each dollar saved, up to $1,500 in three years or less, the State of Indiana matches with three dollars. This means that if a participant successfully saves $1,500, then the State will match it with $4,500, totaling a combined savings of $6,000.

IDA participants may use their IDA personal savings and match funds for qualified asset purchases toward education and job training.

Funds may pay for costs associated with attending:

  • An accredited institution of higher education
  • Vocational school
  • Accredited or a licensed training program that may lead to employment for the IDA participant or his/her dependent 

Qualified expenses may include tuition (including registration fees), laboratory fees, books, room and board, supplies or equipment (including the purchase of a computer for educational use), and other costs associated with attendance for the participant or dependent.

For resources, visit our IDA Partner website HERE.

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