Commissioners address the request to vacate a right of way on Old State Road 37

BEDFORD – The Lawrence County Commissioners heard from Surveyor Corey Allen who spoke for Brad Hawkins who is wanting to vacate a right of way on Old State Road 37.

Corey Allen

According to Allen, Hawkins is asking for 0.111 acres of right of way so he can have a setback for the construction of buildings.

Hawkins will take over drainage issues and take over any maintenance that is needed.

However according to County Attorney David Smith before any vote could be done on the proposal there first needs to be a petition filed, then it must be advertised and a public hearing must be held.

In other business:

The commissioners gave an update on the American Rescue Plan Act funds.

“We have not made any determination on how those funds will be used yet,” said Commissioner President Rodney Fish. “We are still reviewing with Baker Tilley on what those funds can be used for and this is a cooperative issue with the county council.”

Some of the funds will be used for Broadband expansion.

Dustin Gabhart

“We are now collecting data and making overlay maps to see where broadband is needed,” added Commissioner Dustin Gabhart. “We will make an ARP plan of attack written out and meet with Baker Tilley and start getting answers to some of your questions.”

“We have been talking about these funds for over a year,” added Fish. “We are not behind, other counties are in the same position. The rules have changed at the drop of a hat and we have to have a final plan.”

Gabhart added that the final ruling was also being interpreted differently than the day the ruling was posted. “We want to make sure we are doing this right,” he said.

Emergency Management Director Valerie Luchauer requested permission to release GSI data boundaries to local telephone companies for voice-over IP.