Addressing mold issue in Prosecutor’s Office

BEDFORD – Lawrence County Prosecutor Sam Arp and the commissioners discussed a mold issue that is making some Lawrence County Prosecutor employees sick.

Sam Arp

“For several years there has been a moisture issue,” said Arp. “We have tried several things including a HEPA filter to keep down the mold content and replaced the carpet with squares of carpet, but it is not helping.”

Currently, the floor is set up “like a 1920 house with a concrete floor with grooves and a natural drain in the floor”.

The latex glue on the back of the carpet squares has dissolved due to the moisture.

“The carpet is nasty and there is a strong unpleasant odor that would make a buzzard gag,” added Arp.

Arp contacted a representative from the Living Room Center on how to address the issue. They recommended laying a rubber membrane with a vapor barrier and then flooring. The estimated cost is $31, 388, of that $13,500 was labor costs to remove the old carpet and the glue and prep the floor for the new rubber membrane.

“We have all been in the office and seen this,” said Commissioner Rodney Fish. “It is pretty nasty and needs to be taken care of.”

Arp will seek other estimates and get back with the commissioners.