Mitchell Opera House brings in over $1,400 during Ukraine benefit concert

MITCHELL – The Mitchell Opera House held a benefit concert to raise money for UNICEF to go towards the children in Ukraine affected by the Russian invasion.

The Lawrence County Nostalgia Band donated their time to play music for over 50 people in attendance who made their way out to the opera house to donate money for the cause.

Members of the Nostalgia Band during the benefit concert

Gary Rayhill with Mitchell Opera House said the event had a great turnout and plenty of donations to go towards their overall contribution to UNICEF.

“It’s for a great cause to help those currently affected by the invasion by Russia. We partnered with UNICEF and held this concert for the community to come and enjoy great music while supporting Ukraine,” said Rayhill. “We had two collection buckets for individuals to place their donations in.”

Community members enjoying the music from the Nostalgia Band

The free event saw $1,431 in donations on-site, with plenty more coming in from previous donations to the opera house.

This is a way locally to help those who have been affected by the invasion of Ukraine and have been suffering the loss of food, water, and shelter among other personal belongings.