BPD conducts house check, two men arrested

BEDFORD – Bedford Police officers along with Lawrence County Probation Department officers went to a home in the 1600 block of 6th Street to do a house check on 25-year-old Ryan Lane who is currently on probation.

Ryan Lane

Also at the home was 25-year-old Jackson Craig. Police say Craig was under the influence of a narcotic drug.

Jackson Craig

When an officer patted down Craig to check for weapons, he discovered a pocket knife, a torch-type lighter, and a cigarette pack that contained crystal meth. Also in the cigarette pack was a folded paper containing fentanyl.

Craig told police he was at the home to purchase a half gram of heroin from Lane but Lane had given him fentanyl.

Craig was detained on charges of possession of meth and possession of a narcotic drug.

Canine Maximus alerted officers to additional narcotics in several locations in the home. During the search, officers found heroin, gabapentin pills, and syringes.

Lane admitted that he had provided Craig and another individual with drugs earlier in the day because they were both “dope sick”.

Lane was then detained on charges of two counts of dealing a narcotic drug, possession of a legend drug, possession of a narcotic drug, and unlawful possession of a syringe.