Carwash zoning approved to build on John Williams Boulevard

BEDFORD – The Bedford Board of Zoning Appeals approved a special exception permit for the construction of a carwash to be placed at 3160 John Williams Boulevard during their Tuesday meeting.

Chase Wicker with Tolsen Investments LLC

The special exemption permit was filed due to the current B-3 Planned Business District zoning would not allow this type of structure.

Chase Wicker with Tolsen Investments LLC presented the information and plans to the plan commission during their March 8th meeting before moving on to the board of zoning appeals for the final approval.

Location of where the carwash will be built is in blue

Initial concerns about the width available for cars to exit were addressed on March 8th and corrected for this meeting, adjusting the exit cue from 12 feet to 15 feet.

Planning/ Zoning Director Brandon Woodward

As a necessary part of the process for the approval of a special exception permit, Planning/ Zoning Director Brandon Woodward contacted surrounding businesses that the carwash would affect. No derogative comments or complaints were received.

Carwash design for the planned location

The board discussed their concerns about a backup of traffic. Wicker addressed this issue by showing the carwash design plans which illustrate enough space to contain 17 cars in line and an additional 20 parking spaces that would be available for customers to take advantage of vacuuming or other detailing of their vehicles before leaving the premises.

After deliberation and clarification on the B-3 zoning district, the board approved the permit for the construction to begin.