Don’t forget, You need a permit

ORLEANS – The Town of Orleans has had planning regulations in place since 1994. There are a few planning rules that citizens who live and/or own town property should be aware of especially as we move into the spring and summer months.

Anyone who wants to build or make an addition to an existing structure that is 144 square feet or more is required to apply for a building permit before doing so. Building and/or improvement applications are available at the Orleans Town Hall during regular business hours.

Once the application is completed and submitted back to the town hall, the planning administrator and the town superintendent will inspect the proposed building site to ensure that there is enough distance away from property lines, alleys, and street rights-of-way, as well as making sure the building will not be located on top of underground utility service lines.

Anyone who violates the town’s planning regulations may be subject to a fine each day the violation occurs and the building construction may be ordered to be stopped and/or to be removed.

Citizens are asked to contact the Orleans Town Hall for any type of planning or building questions at 812-865-2539 or visit the town’s website   The town’s planning administrator Denzil Chisham is also available in the office on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m.