Bedford City Council approves resolutions and ordinances during Monday meeting

BEDFORD – The City Council met in regular sessions to approve ordinances and resolutions Monday evening at StoneGate Arts & Education Center.

The council provided the final acceptance of ordinance 2-2022 which clarifies the roles and responsibilities of homeowners when it comes to maintaining sidewalks and retention walls on their properties.

City Council members during March 21 meeting. From left: Dan Bortner, Angel Hawkins, Brad Bough, Larry Hardman, Mayor Sam Craig, Judy Carlisle, Clerk/Treasurer Marsha Pfeiffer, and Ryan Griffith

Next, Amy Alcorn with Hoosier Uplands requested two resolutions for the Stalker Apartments for the acquisition and rehabilitation of the former Stalker School for affordable living apartments and the Stonecutters Place conversion of the former Elegant Lady and Brock & Sears Building Into apartments Including an elevator and community space for senior citizens.

While remaining in compliance with state regulations in moving forward with the buildings, the city approved the two resolutions for the living spaces.

Finally, the council provided information on ordinance 3-2022, which amends the salary ordinance 1-2022, to allow for higher pay for lifeguards at John lowery Municipal Pool for the 2022 season.

This would allow for first-time lifeguards to be paid $12 per hour, with returning/ experienced lifeguards receiving $12.50 per hour. The additional change includes Managers who will receive $17 per hour. The changes are in hopes to draw more interest in providing additional coverage for the pool to keep it open to the public.

Additionally, the pool will continue with daily purchases instead of seasonal passes with the continued concern over COVID-19 restrictions that could become prevalent at any time.