Report of suspicious person leads to an obstruction of justice and drug arrest

BEDFORD – A Bedford man was arrested on Friday afternoon when Bedford Police officers were called to the 6540 block of Tunnelton Road after a report of a suspicious person.

When police arrived they spoke to a woman who reported there was a man she did not know on her property. The man was in the backyard looking up at the trees.  The homeowner asked him if he needed anything and he asked if he could pass through her field. The homeowner agreed and the man went on his way, walking south towards Guthrie Bend. 

Being that the man had left the property prior to the officer’s arrival and that nothing was missing, the officer said he would make extra patrols in the area. 

Because of the cold and snowy weather conditions, the officer decided to attempt to locate the man to conduct a welfare check.

The officer located the man on a hill and approached the man to speak with him. The officer asked the man to come halfway down the hill so the officer didn’t have to shout to have the conversation. The man refused and stated he was just sitting on the hill and that he was walking to a relatives nearby home.

Hunter Harris

The officer preceded to that home where the woman of the residence denied being related to 33-year-old Hunter Harris and claimed that Harris was known for stealing items in that area. 

When the officer returned to his vehicle he was stopped by a motorist that reported Harris was standing in the roadway at the bottom of Guthrie Bend along the river.

The officer once again approached Harris. Harris told the officer he had left his residence to remove himself from an argumentative situation with his wife. Harris then requested a ride home from the officer.

Prior to allowing Harris to enter the police vehicle, the officer patted him down for weapons. 

Harris attempted to hide a glass, meth smoking pipe in his hoodie pocket. Harris quickly became defensive and put his hands with the items back in his pocket.  Harris became beligerent with the officer, removed the items that were in his hoodie pocket and threw them into the river as the officer attempted to hancuff him. It was at this time the officer then pulled his weapon and ordered Harris to stop being aggressive. Harris complied,, the officer then reholstered his weapon and handcuffed Harris. Harris faces charges of obstruction of justice and possession of meth.