Two arrested after stealing thousands of dollars worth of items

BEDFORD – Two people were arrested after Bedford Police officers say they stole numerous items from Walmart.

Derrick Johnson

Police arrested 54-year-old Derrick Johnson and 46-year-old Angela Johnson on four counts of theft.

Angela Johnson

According to a probable cause affidavit, on September 22, 2021, both Derrick and Angela entered the store together. Angela was carrying a large tote-type purse. The two got a cart and put several items including clothing, diapers, and toilet paper in the cart. They are then captured on video entering the alcohol department. Derrick proceeds to the electronic department and picks up a boom box. He later returns to the alcohol department and places the selected boom box into their cart.

In the meantime, Angela selects several cognac bottles ranging from Hennessy to Remy Martin and puts them in the cart.

The two proceed to the grocery side of the store and select additional items and place them in the cart. 

Together they proceed to the intimate apparel aisle, where they begin to conceal merchandise. A few minutes later, Derrick is observed exiting the store with the boom box and a pair of Halloween pajamas, passing all final points of sale and failing to render payment for the items in his possession. Derrick then leaves in his vehicle. At the same time, Angela eventually makes her way to the restrooms where she spends approximately 27 minutes. Once Angela exits the restroom, she drops her empty cart off and exits the store, passing all final points of sale and failing to render payment for the merchandise that is in her possession and hidden on her person. 

Store officials say the total amount of this theft case is valued at $855.48, pre-tax. 

Police also believe these two individuals are suspects from an alcohol theft case back on March 27, 2021. 

Both Derrick and Angela are captured on video on September 23, 2021, stealing.

Derrick and Angela are captured separating themselves, entering different departments. Derrick selects an air mattress from the sporting goods department and two scooters valued at $248.

Derrick does scan the Go Traxx scooter valued at $46. 20, but fails to pay for the second scooter at the self check out counter.  Derrick then exits the story but only to later return.  

Meanwhile, Angela selects apparel and craft items, enters the restroom, and returns to the shopping area 8 minutes later. Angela proceeds to select a projector, Xbox items, and liquor that includes 3 bottles of Remy Martin and four bottles of Tequila.

Angela is seen concealing this merchandise in the grocery department. 

Angela enters the restroom for a second time with an armload of items and bags in her hand. Nearly 17 minutes later, she exits with the merchandise that was previously in her arms concealed in Walmart bags. 

Police believe she entered the restrooms and concealed the merchandise. Both exit the store passing all final points of sale without paying for any items. The total theft, in this case, it has a retail value of $570.11.

On January 12, 2022, two teens entered the store, believed to be Angela’s children. Angela is then seen entering the store and meeting up with the children. Angela once again selects items, conceals them under her coat, enters the restroom with the merchandise and several grocery bags. She exits the bathroom 30 minutes later where she can be seen sitting a couple of items in bags in her shopping cart.

The female then approaches a Walmart associate inquiring about working at Walmart. The associate exits the area with the teen into the backroom to speak to the third shift coach. They both exit the backroom and converse on the sales floor. upon the conclusion of the conversation, the female teen meets Angela and a male teen at the self-checkout registers. At that time, Angela failed to scan a bag of potatoes. Completing her check-out process, Angela rendered payment, using cash and an electronic form of payment. Angela exits the store, passing all final points of sale, failing to pay for the potatoes and the concealed liquor, as well as a juicer that was under her coat.

Meanwhile, Derrick entered the store, selected a hoverboard from the toy department. He is captured on video selecting a pellet gun and placing both of those items in a cart. Derrick placed the cart behind a self-checkout register and exited the store. Roughly 18 minutes later he reenters the store, retrieves that cart he placed behind the GM self-checkout registers, and proceeded to leave with the merchandise without rendering payment for any of the items in his cart. The retail value of the theft, in this case, was $956.61, pre-tax. 

The two are also accused of a theft on March 7, 2021, when they both entered the store and were captured on video selecting several grocery and candy items along with several high-priced bottles of liquor. In the men’s intimate apparel aisle, they concealed the majority of the items into a large tote purse and the man’s oversized coat pockets. Once finished concealing, the two walked toward the grocery exit. They passed all final points of sale and exited the building, failing to render payment for all the merchandise in their possession. The total theft, in this case, has a retail value of $555.65, pre-tax. 

Officers spoke to both Derrick and Angela on the telephone. Derrick requested to speak with an attorney before answering any questions. Police say Angela is responsible for stolen property valued at $2,466.85. The total amount of theft that Derrick is responsible for equates to  $1,274.65. Police say both Derrick and Angela have prior theft convictions dating back 10 plus years.