Join the pilot IU Health Brain Excellence Education (B.E.E.) Program

BLOOMINGTON – Working on your brain health could reduce your risk of being one of the 14-million individuals projected to be living with dementia by 2060.

Join the IU Health Community Health Alzheimer’s and Dementia Resource Service’s 10-week Brain Excellence Education (B.E.E.) Program to work on healthy habits and promote good brain health.

Starting Monday, April 4, this free program is designed for individuals who have or are at risk of mild cognitive impairment.  

Amanda Mosier

Amanda Mosier, CDP, CDCM, SSD, CADDCT, IU Health Community Health Alzheimer’s Resource Service-Community Health Community Outreach Associate says:

“Brain health can truly transform your life. B.E.E. Program participants will learn to implement the five pillars of brain health—purpose, learning, discovery, sleep and rest, nutrition, social connection, and movement – into their daily lives. We want them to walk away with habits that will support their brain health for years to come.”

Program participants should be prepared for an hour and a half class each Tuesday, followed by a personalized coaching session to track progress each Thursday. Every third week will take participants on a field trip in place of class to apply classroom learnings.

Mosier asks the community to apply for this pilot program as a full participant or as part of the control group. The control group will only have to participate in evaluations and will help the team determine the effectiveness of program interventions. 

Learn more about the pilot B.E.E. Program at