Ivy Tech Bloomington offering new medical scribe program

BLOOMINGTON – Ivy Tech Community College’s Bloomington campus is now offering a Medical Scribe Professional certification in Medical Assisting. The certificate can be earned in less than a year and credits count toward earning a full associate degree in medical assisting. Introductory classes begin as soon as March 23 and are offered in convenient online and evening formats.

Medical scribes are in-demand professionals who work directly with providers to document patient encounters, medical histories, and presenting problems. Day-to-day duties and flexibility of the work environment are based on employer needs.

Karlee Wyatt, Ivy Tech Bloomington Dean

“Graduates of the Medical Scribe Professional certificate program work in hospitals, medical offices, and long-term care facilities in and around Bloomington, with pay ranges up to $20 per hour,” Karlee Wyatt, Ivy Tech Bloomington Dean of Health Sciences said. “This certificate offers graduates more flexibility in working remotely from home or in the office, as well as working hours.”

The new Medical Scribe Professional certificate program is accepting a cohort of 8 students, with the opportunity to cross-walk credits toward a nursing credential starting in 2023.

“Because this career field is in high demand in our communities, eligible students can earn this certificate for free with the state’s Next Level Jobs Workforce Ready Grant,” Wyatt said.

The Medical Assisting program at Ivy Tech Bloomington offers certificate training in medical scribe, medical assisting and outpatient insurance coding, and an associate degree in medical assisting.

Ivy Tech accepts free applications year-round and has classes that start multiple times per year for quicker entry and graduation. Classes start as soon as March 23. To get started at Ivy Tech Bloomington, apply now at www.ivytech.edu and contact bl-info@ivytech.edu or call 812-330-6013.