Attorney General Todd Rokita: ‘We welcome the opportunity to defend these laws if challenged in court’

INDIANAPOLIS – Attorney General Todd Rokita welcomes the opportunity to defend these laws if they are challenged in court:

AG Rokita lauds protection of women’s sports, constitutional carry, and parents’ rights

Protecting Sports’ Integrity (HEA 1041)

“The passage of HEA 1041 to ban males from competing on female sports teams is an important step in protecting youth sports and has been championed by my office. We welcome the opportunity to defend this law if challenged in court.”

Constitutional Carry (HEA 1269)

“The passage of constitutional carry is a big win for common sense. This new law enshrines the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens to bear arms.”

Parents’ Rights (HEA 1130 AND SEA 83)

“Parents finally have the right to be heard. As we pointed out in the Parents’ Bill of Rights, it was not mandatory that school boards hear from parents at meetings. The legislators have now corrected this deficiency. There is still much more work to be done to ensure parents have the ability to raise their children according to Hoosier values.”