Teen arrested after busting out windows of a pickup truck

BEDFORD – A Bedford teen was arrested Saturday when Bedford Police officers were requested to the 1700 block of 14th Street after a teen male threatened an adult male with baseball bat and caused damage to the adult male’s truck.

When police arrived the 16-year-old male ran from the scene carrying the baseball bat. 

The officer located the teen near the intersection of 14th and O streets still carrying the bat.

The officer exited his vehicle and the boy dropped the bat on the ground and approached the officer.

The teen told the officer “I knocked out all his windows”.

The teen told the officer he was going to kill the adult male and stated the adult male had battered his sister in the past. The adult male is also the boyfriend to the teen male’s mother.

The adult male told police he had taken the teen out to practice driving since the teen had obtained a learner’s permit. During the drive, the teen and adult male got into an argument. When they returned home, the teen damaged the male’s truck with the baseball bat. He then threatened the male with the bat as if he was going to hit him with it. The boy’s mother got between her boyfriend and her teen son. It was at that time the teen took off on foot.

Police say the teen busted out both side windows, the rear window, and both headlights and taillights on the male’s  2013 Dodge Ram 1500. There were also several dents in the truck from the teen hitting the truck with the bat. Police estimated the damage at around $5,000. The teen was detained on charges of criminal mischief and intimidation with a deadly weapon and transported to the Vigo County Juvenile Detention Center.