Lawrence County Independent Schools open survey for food-insecure families

FAYETTEVILLE – Lawrence County Independent Schools want to hear from families dealing with food insecurity and how they can help keep the students fed over summer break.

The school is applying for a grant that will be used to benefit the school as a whole and would like to look into areas that the community feels would best suit each other.

This program will happen if the school determines it to be the biggest need for the students and the community overall.


The school posted on their Facebook page a link to a survey, in which families can fill out the information about when they would like to receive meals, and whether they need breakfast, lunch, or both.

The school would also offer the opportunity to allow the students to eat these meals in the cafeteria or provide a pickup option to families in need.

The purpose of the survey is to determine how many families will need assistance with food insecurity within the school, as well as the community.