Heltonville man arrested after leading police on chase

BEDFORD – A Heltonville man was arrested Thursday afternoon after a Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputy spotted him driving a Ford F-150 pickup truck pulling a small utility trailer southbound on Stars Boulevard.

Seth Flynn

The deputy realized the driver, 31-year-old Seth Flynn was wanted on several criminal warrants. 

The deputy noticed Flynn make an abrupt stop and pull into a driveway.

The officer turned his patrol vehicle around in an attempt to stop Flynn. Flynn spotted the officer turning around and took off traveling north on Bartlettsville Road.

The deputy activated his emergency lights and sirens to stop Flynn. Flynn pulled into a driveway in the 110 block of Bartlettsville Road. As the deputy stepped out of his patrol car, Flynn sped away through the yard, causing damage to the lawn. After driving through the yard Flynn continued north on Bartlettsville Road. The deputy called for assistance.

Flynn continued traveling north on Bartlettsville Road at a high rate of speed. The officer noted Flynn was traveling at more than 70 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone. Flynn also passed another vehicle in a no-passing zone north of Wallner Quarry Road. Flynn then turned west onto Younger Road and went into a field on the south side of Younger Road. Flynn then entered back onto Younger Road and turned into a yard in the 780 block of Younger Road and then down a long gravel drive.

Upon reaching the residence, Flynn exited the vehicle and ran into the residence’s front door. The deputy exited his vehicle and retrieved his partner, K9 Flek. The officers breached the front door and found a female holding a child standing in the living room. She told officers Flynn was on the second floor of the residence. The officer ordered Flynn to give up and he appeared at the top of the staircase and was detained. 

During a search of the truck Flynn was driving, officers found a baggie containing a gram of crystal meth.

Flynn was arrested on charges of resisting arrest with a vehicle, criminal recklessness, mischief, possession of meth, and wanted on warrants on theft charges after allegedly stealing numerous items totaling more than $960 from Walmart.