NFIB State Director: Small Business has suffered enough from pandemic

INDIANA – NFIB, the National Federation of Independent Business here in Indiana, is urging lawmakers to pass sensible legislation that would reduce the tax burden on Hoosier small businesses who are already suffering from the continuing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NFIB, which represents nearly 11,000 small business owners across the state, supports HB 1002, which is being heard by the Senate Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee tomorrow. The legislation would help entrepreneurs across the state by reducing the cost of purchasing and operating production equipment and machinery in Indiana. The bill would also reduce the individual income tax rate from 3.23% to 3%. This would benefit all taxpayers, especially small businesses that operate as pass-through entities and pay taxes at the individual rate.

Natalie Robinson

State Director Natalie Robinson is testifying in support of this bill at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, February 15th in room 431.

Here’s why this bill matters to small business owners across Indiana:

In Anderson, John Raine of Raine Tactical Gear encourages legislators to let entrepreneurs make their own decisions on how to spend their own hard-earned money. Raine Tactical has been in business since 1986. John’s small business was the first to produce gear with nylon and has been used in every military operation since Grenada. Their motto is to build a well-engineered product like a tank.

John Raine of Raine Tactical Gear

“What Indiana small business owners need right now is to have the flexibility to spend their income where it makes the most sense. Legislators need to understand that their local mom-and-pop entrepreneurs are the backbones of their community. They should trust that we will spend our money wisely, and what we need right now is to be able to invest back in our workforce. Instead of paying the government more in taxes on equipment, we could take that money to increase our wages or hire a new employee,” said John Raine. “Over time, these tax cuts will pay for themselves.”

Military members returning from the front lines regularly tell John that his gear is reused and not thrown out, giving our U.S. service members the best bang for their buck.

According to a recent NFIB survey, a historic number of small businesses are struggling to increase their workforce. Half of all small business owners have reported raising compensation, up two points from December and a 48-year record high. Open positions are at record levels. About half of small businesses say they have already raised wages to hire workers and the other 27% plan to in the next 3 months.

“This legislation would provide small business owners across the state with much-needed tax relief. They’re facing historic workforce shortages and the highest inflation levels in 40 years. Tax savings would free up funds to help the main street better compete with big business in this tight labor market and adjust to the increased cost to do business,” said Natalie Robinson, NFIB State Director in Indiana. “Indiana’s business personal property tax is a levy on small business, and many have been bearing the bunt of this for years.”

You can find the text of the bill here.