DNR compiles county-level deer data

INDIANA – Each year, the Department of Natural Resources compiles county-level deer data across Indiana. The data are then monitored over time to improve deer management.

To understand how each metric is calculated and how the data are used view the annual deer management reports.

County-level results are summarized and put in an interactive dashboard.

In Lawrence County, there was total mortality of 2,520 in deer season 2020.

For Lawrence County and the 2020 season, there were 718 hunters that harvested the combination of 1 antlered and 0 antlerless deer. This is out of 1,673 hunters that reported a harvest and are 42.92% percent of those hunters.

Harvest number and % of hunters regardless of gender combination:

To find the by county information click here.

Some data are displayed for the Deer Management Unit (DMU) instead of the county. DMUs divide the state into 10 geographical areas and were developed to group counties similar in land cover, hunter density, and development.

DMUs are used because Indiana DNR is often unable to collect enough data at the county level to accurately interpret trends. Learn more about DMUs in the 2018 Indiana White-tailed Deer Report.