Two juveniles are facing battery charges after two incidents this weekend

BEDFORD – Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore says officers are receiving more calls on juveniles acting out and disobeying their parents.

Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore

“I don’t have the stats, but I am seeing information from across the state of Indiana and the nation that these crimes are becoming more common.  It appears the common factor may be the pandemic,” Chief Moore added.

On Saturday, Feb. 5th just after 5 p.m. Bedford Police officers were called to Eastview Drive after a report of a 13-year-old male yelling and screaming and not listening to his parents. The male was upset about following the rules of the household.

When officers arrived they found an adult male and female outside of the home. The female was emotionally distraught and upset about the situation. 

The female told police the male juvenile had hit her in the arm and pushed after an argument about the youth’s behavior and not following the rules. This was not the first time the juvenile had been physical with the adults or his siblings. 

The male juvenile told police he stated he was supposed to stay in his room but he kept going downstairs because he wanted food. The adult female told him to go upstairs which he did but he got on his computer and began listening to music which he was not supposed to do. The adult female took the male’s laptop and the two began arguing. He admitted to pushing the female but said he never swung or hit her.

The male juvenile was issued a summons to appear in juvenile court on a charge of domestic battery and was released to the care of his father.

A 16-year-old male was arrested Friday afternoon on a charge of domestic battery causing serious bodily injury. 

Bedford Police officers were called at 1:14 p.m. to a home on Boyd Lane after a report of a domestic fight.

When officers arrived they found an adult female with her hand wrapped in a towel and the juvenile male standing in the driveway.

The female told police the juvenile male was grounded from his Xbox and she got a notification that the Xbox was active so she went to his room to confront him about being on the game system. The teen became angry and began throwing things in the room and at the woman. The fight continued and moved to the front door where she asked the teen to leave. He then picked up a glass vase and threw it at the woman. She was partially out the door when he pushed the woman and she fell causing her to cut her hand on the door. 

The woman suffered a slice to her finger and had bruises on her left cheek.

The teen then left the home but came back and began kicking the front door down and that is when she called the police. 

The adult female wanted to file charges against the teen. The teen was taken to the Bedford Police Department on a charge of domestic battery causing serious bodily injury.

The teen told police that the woman had confronted him and she had spit in his face. He then told police he blacked out and could not remember what happened.

He stated he never intentionally put his hands on the woman. 

He told officers it was the woman who threw the glass vase, not him and the vase had struck him. 

Police say the woman did require stitches to close the wound on her finger.

The male teen was transported to Dickinson Juvenile Detention Facility.