Greene County Emergency Management request liberal leave for employees

GREENE CO. – Greene County Emergency Management Director Roger Axe warns the approaching snowstorm and cold are not to be taken lightly.

“The information from the National Weather Service is great cause for concern for the safety of employees as well as residents of the county,” said Axe. “That is why we are requesting employers especially NWSC Crane grant Liberal Leave to their employees Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.”

Employees traveling roads to their jobs in the coming weather become not only a hazard to themselves but to other vehicles as well and responders called to accidents.

“We are asking employers to protect their employees by giving them the option of Liberal Leave if possible,” added Axe. ” We are also requesting this of employers out of Greene County with Greene County employees
that must commute to their jobs.”

There are some workers especially in emergency services or the medical field that are essential and must go to work.

Also due to the extremely cold and dangerous temperatures on Sunday, Axe is asking churches to cancel services or provide virtual services. A lot of our older citizens are church attenders and are will be extremely vulnerable to this dangerous cold that is coming.