Woman dies after police find her vehicle submerged in a creek

HARRODSBURG – A woman perished after Monroe County Sheriff’s Department found her vehicle inverted and submerged in a creek on State Road 37 near the Harrodsburg exit Monday morning.

Police say the vehicle was traveling north on State Road 37 when for an unknown reason it entered the median at a relatively shallow angle approximately 1,000 feet before reaching the bridges and around 700 feet before the median guardrail. The vehicle then went airborne and landed between two bridges on State Road 37 in the creek.

Deputies found the 2005 Lincoln LS sedan inverted and partially submerged in Clear Creek, about 1,500 feet south of the Harrodsburg/Monroe Dam bridge.

Police say there were no braking marks or efforts to steer the vehicle out of the median.

Firefighters from the Monroe Fire Protection District extricated the woman from the vehicle. Her identity has not been released.

The ambulance left the scene at 6:54 a.m. and headed to a local hospital, where the driver was pronounced dead shortly after arrival, the release said.

The accident remains under investigation.